Information on Hagia Sophia History and Hagia Sophia Dome

The Hagia Sophia Mosque, located in the centre of Istanbul, is one of the most visited areas by tourists. It attracts the attention of both Muslims and Christians, especially with its historical and cultural values.

The place, which is known to receive nearly ten million visits every year, approved to be changed to the Erdogan Hagia Sophia Mosque in 2020. The place, which was preserved as a museum between 1934 and 2020, has been opened to worship today. The place, which is known to spread over a very wide area, is famous for its architecture both inside and outside.

Istanbul, which was used as the capital in ancient times from the Roman Empire to the Byzantine Empire, has been under the rule of the Turks since 1453. Although it is not the capital city, Istanbul is considered to be the most populous and popular city.

Hagia-Sophia-in-Istanbul Hagia Sophia Inside - Hagia Sophia Dome

Hagia Sophia Ticket

After opening for worship in July 2020, the ticket system has now been completely removed. Thus, Hagia Sophia Ticket system was abandoned. Now, no tickets are required from those who come to the region for both worship and visit purposes. Hagia Sophia, which you can visit completely free of charge, provides a great advantage to tourists in this area.

Hagia Sophia Dome

The dome, which contains many religious motifs, has been preserved until today thanks to the reinforcement works. The dome, which was in danger of collapse from time to time in the face of big earthquakes, has a huge history of 600 years.

Today, it is located in the Virgin Mary for the Christian world within the Hagia Sophia Dome, where mostly Islamic motifs and symbols are located. Reinforcement works of the dome, which is known to be quite large and huge, are regularly carried out.

Hagia-Sophia-Dome-1024x680 Hagia Sophia Inside - Hagia Sophia Dome

Hagia Sophia Church

Hagia Sophia Church, which was used as a church until 1453, has great importance for Christians. Today, Christian symbols protected by Muslims are open to tourists.

With its former name, Hagia Sophia Church was located between the common defence cities and capital of many kings and Christian states. The church, which has great importance both in terms of war and culture, is among the indispensable architectures in 2020.


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