In Turkey, clean hotel concept with Hilton Cleanstay known has experienced growth in a short time. The company, which has hotels in many regions, has more than one hotel in Istanbul. One of the issues that tourists follow with curiosity while researching hotels is cleaning. A clean hotel is a must nowadays.

The hotel, which hosts thousands of visitors every year and provides accommodation services, has luxurious services. Hotels with features such as jacuzzi, thermal water, bar attract the attention of visitors. Located in different parts of Istanbul, Hilton Hotels have gained great popularity.

Staying at a Clean Hotel – Hilton Cleanstay

One of the biggest problems today is cleanliness. Cleaning and hygiene, which is expected to occupy a large place in our lives especially after the pandemic and pandemic, affects many sectors. Businesses have already made arrangements for these issues, which are known to be positive for human health.

Hilton hotels, which stand out in terms of clean hotel service and are known with the Hilton Cleanstay program, are one of the most popular accommodation centres today. The hotel, which provides services to its customers with its hotels located in megacities in many areas of the world, stands out with its luxurious services.

Disinfectant, which is a must in today’s hotels, is available in every room. Such cleaning items, which are known to be changed regularly, are among the important services of the hotel. The company that provides healthy hotel services for healthy lives is of great importance.

hilton-cleanstay-guid Hilton Hotels & Hilton Cleanstay (Hotel Guide)
Hilton Cleanstay – By Hilton Otels

Signia Hilton

This project, which is known to handle the hotels in terms of architecture, stands out with its innovative structure. Hotel design, which is one of the important issues in the search for a hotel by tourists, has been solved with this project. Hotel design projects are organized in many countries within the scope of Signia Hilton.

These projects, which have been carried out as a result of months of research, both preserve the image of Istanbul and offer tourists a wonderful experience. These frequently preferred hotels stand out with both interior and exterior designs.

What is HHonors Wifi?

HHonors Wifi, which provides fibre internet service in Hilton hotels, has received great appreciation from visitors. The internet, which is known to be very fast, has no limits. There is the advantage of performing more than one operation at the same time in the network where a personal user name and password are created.

It is seen that the internet, which is known to have a speed of over 100 MBPS, is available to visitors throughout the accommodation service. This service, which is appreciated by tourists, provides internet opportunity within the hotel. The network, also known as Hilton Honors Wifi, has a great worldwide interest.


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